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Anonymous: are you straight or gay or bi or what?


i’m definitely what

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when you’re trying to save someone’s life by performing cpr


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4/5 favourite female musicians: Cassadee Pope
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lets stop calling middle aged people that are sexist and racist “traditional”

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Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant

This will never not be relevant.

82 years and we still have to fucking tell men this shit

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"I feel a very genuine vibe from them. They’re just in it to have a good time. There are definitely bands that came up with them that took themselves too seriously. I think once you do that, you start making records that aren’t you. Simple Plan were never bitter about new bands coming up and trying to take what they had. Nothing ever threw them off." – Alex Gaskarth

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Please stop complaining about people’s thick accents. They learned an entire language, allowing them to communicate with you; the least you could do is respect that.

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This is the most perfect summary of the German language I’ve ever seen

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"People that hate our band, they will never, you know, hate me enough to make me stop it. They’ll never, like, they don’t phase me, you know? If they go out there and tell us to fuck off or they flip us off or whatever, it’s like, that’s nothing to me. I love what I do so much and they will never stop me from doing it. No matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder and I’ll always be there for people who love us and they can never boo me off stage. I’ll keep playing till my set’s over and that’s it.”

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